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Few mistakes when posting into Dewalist Classifieds

We found a lot of mistakes when users posted their ads on the Dewalist Classifieds website. When we found this, we generally delete or move the ads to the right place.

Here are some mistakes:

  • Users post their ads into Post Event instead of Post Ads. The Post event is specifically for the ads that have a time frame (start and end date) for instance a music concert, seminar, festival, exhibition, etc etc.
  • Users post their adult ads ie. massage, escort into Business Service, or Entertainment. There is a specific category for this content which is called Erotic.
  • Users post their ads into a category that is not specific to that country belong. For instance, the ads are specifically from South Africa and the poster is put into the DewaList India under Business Service. The right way is to put Worldwide / Non-local city / Unspecified as a City and Worldwide / non-local / overseas as a category.
  • Users posts a lot of similar ads within a day.  Pick the right category and the right city for your ads.
  • Users posts ads with a link without testing it. An HTML tag is appearing. When you post a link, you can use a hyperlink on the editor or leave the full link with HTTP://[name of url] and this will create automatically the link properly.
  • Users post their adult ads with nudity, xxx, or sex image.
  • Users post ads that do not belong to the right category. For instance, the ads are related to the job but then put under Vehicle.

Help us to make this Dewalist Classifieds website better.  The more your ads can be seen by others … the more your successful campaign will be.


Image by Cookie_Studio on Freepik

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Dewalist Info

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