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Few mistakes when posting into Dewalist Classifieds

We found a lot of mistakes when users posted their ads on the Dewalist Classifieds website. When we found this, we generally delete or move the ads to the right place. Here are some mistakes: Users post their ads into Post Event instead of Post Ads. The Post event is specifically for the ads that […]


Launching Dewalist Pin

We finally launched our own social media site … a place for sharing favorite images and videos from around the web. We called this Dewalist Pin *. Please sign up and start pinning your favorite video and image today! This site is still in beta at the moment so if you find bugs or anything, […]


Joining Pinterest

We found Pinterest suits us due to its alignment with our goal to help small guys – small businesses, startups, newcomers, community campaigners, and more –  heard what they’re saying. We decided to join and explore Pinterest. At this stage, we only have 2 boards – We Love Ads and We love Selfie. To follow us: […]


Did You Know?

[Last updated: 5 January 2016, source: Google Analytics] This community classified and shopping network, globally, has the following: Our milestones Notes * The published ad has 1-year expiry.** 7 classifieds, 2 social media, and 1 shopping site We are thanking you for your support for this FREE service to advertise your local community ads. We […]


Reaching one million visits

This inspired us to keep improving the site. Advertising a product, service, or any undertaking, such as a website for example, can be a cut in the wallet. Being a follower of the free advertising model, we would like to share with you what we have built free advertising platform. A good strategy is to […]