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Rename from Dewalist Pin to Dewalist VisionBoard

As we launched the inspired board a few weeks ago, we decided to change the site name from Pin to VisionBoard which we believe represents what the site is all about – videos and images that inspire you and make you feel good. You can use this site to represent fascinating things, goals, and dreams in all areas of your life or in just one specific area that you are focusing on.

The new URL is

Hopefully, you like the new name.

NOTE: This website no longer exists.


Image by PikiSuperstar on Freepik

Dewalist Info

Dewalist Info

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We are a passionate team of bloggers, who share our thoughts and experiences through writing. Our goal is to inspire and connect with others through our words. With a focus on business, marketing, finance, lifestyle and society. We aim to provide valuable insights and tips to our readers. Join us on this journey as we delve into the world of self-discovery and growth.

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