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What is the Story behind each Ride

Met with the bar manager in the city who has another business doing sound engineering stuff at the events/festivals. Due to Covid-19, a stable job is the bar manager. While doing sound engineer, he prefers to have chaos and solve during the show – don’t like to monitor pre-made stuff. We bounced ideas about what happened with the music industry and other areas during this Covid-19.
– Didi ride – August 2020

Your mind is a powerful thing.

Gautama Buddha

Met with the kiwi who have kids back in NZ and they look after by his parent. His partner bought him a new Taylormade driver SIMS. We talked about golf skills and mental in general. Speaking about the psychological, his partner mentioned that her boss was worth millions in trade, and he has a routine of doing meditation regularly to clear his mind before making a big decision. Mine is a powerful thing he said.
– Uber ride – August 2020

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