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What is the September 2020 Updates from Dewalist Team


We made few changes for the sites:

  • We limit the number of published ads to one.
  • We moved the Dewalist Insight – blog website from into
  • We moved the Dewalist Branch – landing page website from into
  • We updated one of the Adult categories from Toys & Gifts to Toys, Gifts & Others

Listing & Accounts

Number of active listing: 11,406 *
Number of active accounts: 6,673 *

* As we migrated to the new platform, we only publish for a new site only.

Web Traffic

We shared our monthly web traffic (August 2020) statistic as follow:

Number of Users: 7,980
Page Views: 54,224
Average Session Duration: 00:06:29
Bounce Rate: 46.19%

Top 10 Countries:
* India
* United States
* Philippines
* Pakistan
* Australia
* South Africa
* Canada
* China
* Germany
* United Kingdom

Demographic – Age Group:
18-24: 29.18%
25-34: 47.07%
35-44: 14.13%
45-54: 5.23%
55-64: 2.54%
65+: 1.86%

Demographic – Gender:
Male: 65.3%
Female: 34.7%

Stay safe and thank you.


  • Photo by Marcus Herzberg from Pexels
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Dewalist Info

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