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Zero Tolerance: Dewalist Cracks Down on Inappropriate Ads

Updated on 27 November 2023.

As an online platform, Dewalist Classifieds ensures its users’ safety and security. This includes monitoring the ads displayed on the platform to ensure that they do not violate any of the terms of use that are in place, especially the ads related to illegal drugs, controlled/prescription drugs, illegal chemicals or scam vendor support phone numbers. Recently, Dewalist has taken a strong stance against ads that violate these terms and has cracked down on any such ads.

20/05/2023We immediately addressed the situation after discovering that the vendor support phone number was being utilised for potentially a scam. Our response involved closely monitoring the affected ads and promptly removing the ads from our system. This proactive approach exemplifies our commitment to safeguarding our users and maintaining a safe environment.
18/02/2023We took decisive action after identifying ads associated with illegal drugs, controlled/prescription drugs, and illegal chemicals. Our action involved closely monitoring these ads and promptly removing them from our system. By implementing this proactive approach, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant user environment.

In line with this stance, Dewalist has announced that it will disable any ads and accounts that are found to be violating the terms and conditions without warning. This is a stern warning to anyone considering posting inappropriate ads on the platform. The content moderators at Dewalist will be keeping a close eye on all posted ads, and any found to violate the terms and conditions will be swiftly dealt with.

DateDisabled User AccountsTotal User Accounts
27/11/2023879 (1.4 %)61,038
17/07/2023590 (1.1 %)52,883
20/05/2023387 (0.8 %)49,198

The move by Dewalist to take a strong stance against ads that violate its terms and conditions is a positive step towards creating a safe and secure online community. Users can feel confident they can browse the platform without fear of being exposed to inappropriate content. Disabling ads and accounts without warning sends a strong message to anyone considering posting inappropriate ads on the platform and indicates Dewalist’s commitment to its users.

As a user of Dewalist, you can play a crucial role in helping to maintain a safe and secure online community. If you come across any ads that you believe violate the terms and conditions, you can report them to Dewalist. This could include ads promoting illegal activities, hate speech, or inappropriate content that violates our Terms and Use.

Zero Tolerance on Inappropriate Ads

Reporting such ads is easy, and it can be done by contacting Dewalist through our customer contact page or Dewachat. You can provide the details of the ad in question, including the date and time that it was posted, as well as any other relevant information that can help Dewalist to investigate the matter.

By reporting inappropriate ads, you are helping maintain a safe and secure online community and contributing to the overall quality of the platform. Dewalist values the feedback and contributions of its users and takes all reports of inappropriate ads seriously. So if you come across any such ads, don’t hesitate to contact Dewalist and make a report.

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