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Dewalist Hits 120K Views: New Record in Google Analytics

The Numbers

Dewalist, prominent online classifieds, ask, coins, insight, marketplace and tools platform, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 120,000+ views and 10K users per Google Analytics for the last 30 days. This surge in traffic is a testament to the platform’s continually evolving features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to user satisfaction. Over the past months, Dewalist has rolled out a series of enhancements in the platform, including forum discussion (aka and web tools (aka, better search algorithms, easier posting processes, and more intuitive navigation, all contributing to the traffic increase.

Google Analytics – 23 May 2023

Furthermore, daily trendy blogs, aggressive marketing strategies, effective SEO practices, and highly engaging social media campaigns have also played a crucial role in increasing visibility and driving traffic to the site. This achievement marks a new high point in Dewalist’s growth and sets a new benchmark for the platform to surpass.


We invite you to join Dewalist’s growing community and contribute to our record-breaking journey. Your involvement is instrumental in our success. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or explore, your engagement helps us create a more vibrant and effective platform. Browse our vast categories, post your ads, and experience the user-friendly interface, trendy topic blogs, discussion, and web tools that have drawn 120K views and 10K users and counting. Join us today and make your mark on the Dewalist story. Together, we can reach even greater heights. Let’s aiming 150K views!

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Dewalist Insight Team

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