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Top 7 Document Management Tips for House Hunters

Buying a home can be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. Embarking on tours, putting in offers, and negotiating with agents are just a few of the most stressful elements. Perhaps the most stressful part of all, though, is the inundation of paperwork you’ll find yourself facing. You can manage documents effectively with the following seven tips for house hunters, courtesy of Bay Area Manufactured Homes.

Read the Fine Print

It’s an oft-repeated mantra, but it remains frequently ignored — read the fine print. Indeed, when you’re navigating the onslaught of documents that come with buying a home, it can be tempting to skim through the contents — but this is a recipe for disaster. Reading the entire text of a document will help you identify what’s important and what’s not.

Read Mortgage Terms

The terms of your mortgage are some of the most important pieces of fine print to read. Before you commit to a lender, you should research mortgages to determine how much you can reasonably afford to borrow. A lender will consider your credit history as well as your gross income when determining the mortgage amount that you are approved for.

Make Sure You Sign

Once you’ve reviewed all of your documents in their entirety, you need to ensure that you’ve signed them properly. Some documents will call for your entire signature, while others may only require initials. Pay attention to these details — an incorrect signature could invalidate the document or cause an unnecessary delay.

Create an Organization Plan

You should devise a plan to ensure that your completed documents are organized efficiently. Consider whether it’s best to file them by date, subject, or importance, and then create a color-coded file system that allows you to effectively categorize each document. This will make files easy to find and eliminate any stress that may arise if you need to revisit a document later.

Digitize Your Documents

The only thing better than a well-organized filing cabinet is a well-organized digital document system. Storing and organizing your home ownership documents digitally will ensure that you never lose access to them. Plus, it’s much easier to quickly work through digital documents to find one when you need it.

You can make things a lot easier by combining your PDFs into a single file — check this out. A digital merging tool allows you to combine files that you frequently access together. This helps you save even more time by keeping all the information you need in one place.

Document Communications

The files that you sign aren’t the only important documents that you should keep track of. According to research, 88% of home buyers partner with a real estate agent. You should also maintain records of all communications with your agent, your mortgage lender, and other important parties throughout the home-buying process.

Double-Check Documents

Finally, with your files organized effectively, you should go through and review the most important documents to ensure that they don’t contain any mistakes or red flags. You can even enlist help from a real estate attorney to help you do this — their expertise may be useful in identifying any cause for concern that the average homebuyer wouldn’t know to look for.

Manage Home Ownership Documents Digitally

Managing the documents that accompany a home purchase can be a massive undertaking. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the process, though — you can get your documents organized by digitizing them and paying attention to the details. Be sure to research mortgages by reading all of the documents associated with your home loan, too.

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