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PETITION: Global War or Global Unity ?

What is unfolding on Europe’s doorstep today is not only a migration crisis unparalleled in recent history. It is a humanitarian crisis beyond measure. Far too many have already lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. And yet, the death toll only continues to mount with the surging number of migrants and refugees crossing from […]


Just because it isn’t happening here. Doesn’t mean isn’t happening.

Thousands of Icelanders have said they would welcome Syrian refugees into their homes after their government announced last month it would accept just 50 people into the country. In a Facebook campaign launched by Icelandic author, Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir, some 12,000 people – 4% of the Icelandic population – offered to welcome refugees into their homes. […]


New Featured Ad Pricing Model

For almost 9 years, we always had $1 for the featured ad as well as extended ads to 30 days. Due to we’ve extended the ads from 3 months to 1 year, we believed the extended ads to 30 days are no longer valid. We’ve also looked other sites are doing in terms of pricing […]