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What are some Tips and Tricks for Posting a Classified


Classified ads are an effective way to get your website or business promoted and they are becoming increasingly popular. There is no wonder they are so popular. There are many options available for classified advertising, such as putting an ad on an online classifieds site or publishing a newsletter.

Classified are limited by their own rules, such as those that regulate how many ads they can post or what kind of information they can include. They typically have restrictions on what size you are able to advertise at and what type of content you are allowed to include in your ad. They also set limitations on whether or not you can use images, videos, and other forms of visual media.

The majority of classified ads are limited by a number of words. This classified website has a limited amount of text so it’s important to get to the point and be clear. Using persuasive language can entice your readers to continue reading. There is no limit to the size of your classified ads on Dewalist so use keywords and get into the specifics of your item. You’ll find that people see more items they are interested in.

Tips and Tricks


One way to get your ad higher visibility is to make sure you post it in the right categories on the classified website. Some classified websites give the option to assign into multiple categories. To take full advantage of these features, be sure to read the instructions carefully to ensure that your ad is not mistaken for promotional spam.

Ensure your ad is in the correct category, city, and country to get the best exposure for your business.

In Dewalist classifieds, you can only publish ads into a single category only.


It is imperative that you make your headlines as accurate as possible when you are advertising in classifieds. Misleading headlines can not only lead to a lower number of clicks but can even cause customers to purchase the wrong product or service.

Avoid these words: “Get Rich”, “Amazing”, “Must Have”

Overused and clichéd words are sure to turn off readers, so avoid them if you want your ads not to be ignored. Most readers don’t want you using cutesy headlines. It’s important to use keywords that are relevant to the business and people will search for them. Keywords are always a big asset when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) too.


When trying to create an ad, the most important thing is the product or service – not the company. If you always tell people who you are first, they are not going to listen to what you have to say.  The approach never to be taken and still remains true today is to oversell your product. The ad will communicate value and entice the visitor to come online to learn more. The goal is to land on your main site and once you have them on your site and then it’s time to sell with more engaging content.

Advertise your products and website through classified advertisements to reach potential customers. Classifieds are not a place to brag about yourself or your company. It is all about customers, products, and services when it comes to classified ads. It is no secret that you have limited space to capture someone’s attention, so use it wisely.


The other aspect of classified advertising is related to the images and photos you can use. For instance, some ads allow only one image while others don’t allow any at all. It is often worth it to include a picture or other graphic so that readers don’t have to read the text and can just look at the image for ideas.

Classified ads with an attached image will typically attract more attention from the target audience. By including a graphic in your ads you increase your chance of someone actually viewing your ad. This can therefore lead to an increased number of pageviews on your website

In Dewalist classifieds, you can only publish with one image unless you are paying for extra service.

Create a Dewalist classified account and start advertising your products and services globally to new customers!

Conclusion & Recommendations

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it useful in outlining what are some tips and tricks for posting a classified.

When it comes to classified ads, you want to make sure your ads fall into the right category, having an impact headline, products/services focus, and stand-out image.

We are constantly re-writing this article for two reasons: first, to provide a more fluid blog topic. Secondly, we are learning and experimenting with how to write as we go. So please keep pinging with this article.

We also would love to hear about how you deal with the situation and what problems you might be facing. Please feel free to comment below this article or jump into our Dewachat and let us know if you have any questions we can answer!

To boost your product and service to the broader web community, you can visit our Dewalist classified website – home to 33,000+ active users and 40,000+ one year of active advertising so far. Check it out!

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