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Practicing Workplace Safety in Your Home-Based Office

When you work from home, you might overlook the importance of office safety. However, there are many risks you could encounter in your home-based workspace. Reduce the potential for harm by prioritizing occupational safety when you conduct business at home — Dewalist Insight presents some important tips that you should keep in mind for your home-based office.

Avoiding Remote Work Hazards

Understanding workplace safety issues can help you avoid them in your home office. For example, studies show that falls are one of the most common accidents. Therefore, you should never let cords or cables run across walkways. Keep your floors dry and free of clutter to prevent trips and slips. In addition, you need to consider electrical safety, especially if your work requires the use of electronics. Don’t overload your outlets with too many devices, and avoid using extension cables, especially with high-powered equipment, including space heaters. Also, you should have functioning smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home.

Creating a Healthier Home Office

When you design your home office, make sure you keep wellness and stress reduction in mind. Invest in ergonomic furniture that lets you stay productive all day without causing distress or injury. If you spend significant time seated, purchase a comfortable office chair with proper lumbar support. An adjustable height chair can allow you to achieve a healthier posture. You can also minimize frustration and reduce stress levels by upgrading your tech setup. Buy a new laptop or upgrade your computer’s part to work faster and accomplish more. In addition, a high-quality monitor can make work easier while decreasing your risk of developing eye strain or neck pain.

You should also consider the resale value when updating your office. A fully outfitted home office can boost your house’s value, and with the right improvements, you can get a solid return on investment. If you intend to sell your home in the next few years, track your progress with before and after photos and quantify any increases in your home’s appraisal value.

Hosting Safe In-Person Meetings

There are additional safety concerns you must account for when meeting clients in person at your home office. If you don’t have a separate entrance for your home workspace, make sure the path from your front door to your office is clean and unobstructed. Try to arrange secure parking for your clients, too. Installing proper ventilation may help reduce indoor air pollution and airborne pathogens. Opening windows can let in some fresh air, but using your HVAC system, especially in combination with sanitizing UV treatments, is even more effective. You can also use a snug-fitting surgical mask or respirator to contain the spread of infections.

Conducting Business Remotely

You can reduce the risks of in-person collaboration by communicating remotely. Look for software that lets you share files, invoice clients, and distribute payments from the safety of your home office. You can also build a video conferencing setup to improve the quality of your virtual meetings. New communication gear, such as a webcam or microphone, helps you express yourself effectively. Placing a ring light behind your monitor can create a more flattering image on camera. Keep your background simple and free of clutter, or consider using a virtual backdrop to conceal your space.

Safety is just equally important for home-based offices and traditional workplaces. You can build a healthier, safer, stress-free home workspace that protects yourself and your client from common office hazards. Just remember that if you intend to sell your home at some point, you need to focus on upgrades that will make your home’s appraisal value increase.

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Elena Stewart (

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