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Revamp Your Workspace: Affordable & Stylish Office Curtains

One of the most overlooked aspects of office decor is the window treatments. Curtains add to the workspace’s aesthetic appeal and are crucial in maintaining privacy, reducing glare, and managing light and temperature.

However, office curtains can be expensive, especially when you have multiple windows to cover. But there are ways to achieve a professional and polished look without breaking the bank. Here are some budget-friendly office curtain ideas.

Go for ready-made curtains

Custom-made curtains are undoubtedly a luxury, but they can be costly. Instead, opt for ready-made curtains in various sizes, styles, and colours. You can easily find affordable options at home decor stores, department stores, or online retailers.

Use sheer curtains

Consider using sheer curtains if your office space receives much natural light. They are lightweight and translucent, allowing ample light to enter the room while adding a touch of elegance. Sheer curtains are also less expensive than heavy drapes; you can use them with blinds for extra privacy.

Mix and match

You don’t have to stick to one type of curtain for all your windows. Instead, mix and match different styles and colours to create an eclectic yet cohesive look. For example, use sheer curtains on the windows facing the street and heavier drapes on the windows facing the sun.

Create your curtains

If you have a creative streak, why not make your curtains? You can easily sew simple curtains using fabric, a sewing machine, and basic sewing skills. Look for sales or clearance fabrics to keep the cost down. You can also repurpose old sheets or tablecloths to create unique curtains.

Use tension rods

Tension rods are an affordable and easy-to-install alternative to traditional curtain rods. They require no drilling or hardware; you can adjust their length to fit any window. In addition, tension rods come in different styles and colours, allowing you to customize your curtains.

Opt for vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are popular for office spaces because they are durable, low-maintenance, and offer excellent light control. They are also less expensive than traditional curtains or shades. You can find vertical blinds in various materials, including PVC, aluminium, and fabric.

Repurpose shower curtains

Shower curtains are an unexpected yet budget-friendly option for office curtains. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and come in various colours and patterns. You can use them as is or cut them to size for a custom fit. Make sure to choose a fabric shower curtain rather than a plastic one for a more professional look.


Office curtains don’t have to be expensive to look good. Following the above ideas, you can create a stylish and functional workspace without breaking the bank. Consider light, privacy, and temperature control when choosing your curtains. You can transform your office into a welcoming and productive environment with creativity and resourcefulness.

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